T.J. Davies Receives 2022 UPS Ignite Grant Award

T.J. Davies Company, Inc. is Selected to Receive the 2022 UPS Ignite Grant – Mantua, Ohio – November 22, 2022 – T.J. Davies Company, Inc. is celebrating its selection as a 2022 UPS Ignite Grant Recipient. It will soon have the opportunity to serve customers better and grow the company through this program’s resources. Sherry Davies, the owner of T.J. Davies Company, Inc., is pleased to partner with UPS and The Northwestern Kellogg School of Management. She looks forward to improving her knowledge and the company’s success through this UPS Ignite partnership. She plans to use the resources to enhance branding and develop a new catalog.

T.J. Davies Acquires New Property In Mantua, Ohio

T.J. Davies Company, Inc. Acquires New Property in Mantua, Ohio – Chagrin Falls, Ohio – October 10, 2021 – T.J. Davies Company, Inc. is pleased to announce the purchase of a new property and building in Mantua, Ohio. After much anticipation, T.J. Davies has closed on a building and property at 11823 State Route 44 in Mantua, Ohio. The company’s owner, Sherry Davies, is looking forward to using this new industrially zoned property to expand the growing business and serve the community.

Article Published In Safety Zone Magazine – February 19, 2021

Reliable domestic retention knobs utilizing superior U.S. steel con enhanced set-up rigidity, which improves tool life and cycle times Contract machine shops and OEMs rely on CNC milling machines to produce very precise components in industries such as medical, aerospace, automotive, motorcycle, and gun manufacturing. However, consistently achieving precisely machined components requires a quality retention knob, particularly in high-speed, high-volume applications.

T.J. Davies Company, Inc. Selected for an Ohio International Market Access Grant for Exporters

Chagrin Falls, Ohio – December 28, 2020  – T.J. Davies Company, Inc. has been selected for the Ohio International Market Access Grant for Exporters (IMAGE), and will soon expand their business to additional international distributors. T.J. Davies Company, Inc. is looking forward to providing the same excellent level of service and products to an expanded market of international distributors as they provide to their valued customers in the United States.

Article Published In U.S. TECH August 11, 2020

For contract machine shops and OEMs that rely on CNC milling machines, T.J. Davies retention knobs utilize superior U.S. steel to enhance setup rigidity, while improving tool life and cycle times. Poorly designed retention knobs from overseas are often made of low-quality steel that may be prone to breaking during machining. Newer CNC milling machines exert significantly more drawbar pressure on retention knobs than in the past.

T.J. Davies Company, Inc. Selected for an Ohio PPE Retooling and Reshoring Grant

Chagrin Falls, Ohio – T.J. Davies Company, Inc. was selected for the Ohio PPE Retooling and Reshoring Grant Program and will soon begin manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE). T.J. Davies Company, Inc. is honored to have been chosen for the grant program as one of only 68 Ohio organizations, to aid in the state’s efforts to maintain sufficient levels of PPE in the fight against COVID-19.

T.J. Davies Company, Inc. Announces New Retention Knob Sockets

T.J. Davies Company, Inc. has begun production of retention knob sockets, and announces their immediate availability. T.J. Davies Company, Inc. is excited to provide customers with a new product that will extend the life of their retention knobs and tool holders.  The retention knob sockets are manufactured at the company’s facility in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  They maintain the same excellent quality as the company’s other products and offer a lifetime guarantee.